I primarily shoot on weekends. If you have a project that requires time during the week please let me know and if it’s the right fit I will be there. For location shoots, I can shoot any time of day. I personally love shooting first thing in the morning as the light is gorgeous and the streets are empty. Evenings also offer wonderful natural light, but crowds tend to be thicker.

What are your rescheduling and cancellation policies?

I am pretty flexible. If you need to reschedule that is fine, please try to let me know before the shoot date. I do ask for a $200 deposit on all shoot sessions so if you decide to cancel instead of rescheduling, I will not be able to return your deposit.

What are your sessions like?

No Cheese! As a photographer, my aim is to capture real moments in a stylized way. I tend to treat each session like an editorial spread for the child. I will pick a location that offers many photographic opportunities and encourages your child to run, play, and just be themselves. These are the moments worth capturing. 

What should we wear?

Comfort is key. Bright colors are fun but I would avoid overpowering patterns/graphics or cartoon characters. You want the wardrobe to serve as a compliment to the model and not a distraction. You can also bring an additional outfit if you want more variety in your imagery. Please don’t match. Coordinate colors but nothing says 80’s mall portrait like a family of five dressed in blue denim. 

Do we need to bring anything?

Snacks! Kids get hungry with all the play. Bring snacks that won’t make a huge mess ( I know I am asking a lot ) and pack an extra bottle or juice or whatever might soothe them if they need a break. If you are strongly against your baby sitting on the floor or grass then please bring a swaddle or blanket.   

How do I prepare for a newborn session? 

Swaddles and blankets will serve as backdrops for most newborn portraits. Keep your favorites out so we can access them easily. Other than that, relax and nap on the couch while I take pictures of your beautiful baby.

What if it rains?

I will keep an eye on the weather before the shoot. If it looks like it's not cooperating we will either pick an indoor location or reschedule the shoot. I’ll let you know the day before. 

When will I receive my photos?

I will send you an email with a link to your personal password protected gallery within 3 weeks of the shoot date. 

Can I pick the images?

Unfortunately no. As the photographer, I will sort through all the images and provide you with the best options. If you feel like I am missing one, it’s likely for a good reason. 

How do you decide on a color treatment?

I grade each shoot individually. I use the mood, lighting, and wardrobe of each session to determine an overall color treatment. It adds an element of storytelling to the imagery and guarantees that each shoot you have with me will be unique. If you have something particular in mind feel free to share it with me before the shoot and we can brainstorm together.

Do you offer prints?

Yes! Your personal online gallery is also a printing lab. Pick your favorites and order prints right to your door. If you need help please contact me.