With Thanksgiving approaching I am taking some time to stop and give thanks to the people that have made my year a little bit better.

I have been quite fortunate to work with some fantastic Families. People that have chosen to work with me because they know and appreciate my work. They have let me into their homes and allowed me to capture and connect with them on an intimate level.

An amazing Photographer Cassidy Parker Smith once reminded me, “There is a Photographer for everyone, but you do not need to be everyone’s photographer.” It’s easy to get caught up trying to give people what they want and sometimes what a client wants, doesn’t align with what you want or the imagery that you aim to create. That is the Lesson I had to learn this year.

I had to pause and remind myself why I started shooting again and make some hard and fast rules for myself. It’s the best thing I did as it has allowed me to focus entirely on the people that feed my soul with love, trust and acceptance. People like this…

Jolene Cody1 Comment