Not a day goes by where I don't question our decision to live in this City. My Mom, Dad, Eldest brother, his wife and their three beautiful children live in Trinidad. My middle brother and his wife live in Calgary. My husband's Parents live in Australia, and his brother lives in Indonesia. It's like someone picked up our family, tossed us into the air and we all got stuck wherever we landed. Now that I have a daughter this is even more upsetting to me. 

I bring this up because this seems to be the norm for A LOT of New York families. We are all here working day to day and sacrificing a lot. It's hard, but there has to be something substantial that tips the scale and keeps us here. When I was contacted to photograph this Family of nine, I became aware that they don't all get to be together as often as they'd like and they just wanted to capture their closeness. I can't tell you how this resonated with me. On the one hand I was very jealous, but on the other hand, I was so thrilled that I could capture this reunion. It is important to cherish the moments you get. 

Jolene Cody2 Comments