GREENPOINT! I can't tell you how much I enjoy Greenpoint. It's a stone's throw from my neighborhood, and although I've visited Greenpoint several times, it always feels new to me. I think I can safely say it's my favorite Brooklyn neighborhood. There's so much character that everywhere you look there's something worth photographing. Deciding where to shoot can be a little bit overwhelming, so this is how I break it down. 

1. Pray that you have a client similar to this Family of designers and creative thinkers. They knew exactly where to find the light in their neighborhood. That is HUGE. 

2. DESIGN... If you don't know me, I also have a background in Graphic Design and Illustration. Yes, I know, stick to one thing and master it. I disagree. I think to master something you need to have a holistic approach to that thing, and to do that, you need to explore. You need to get out of your comfort zone, learn as much as humanly possible and then apply it to whatever media you choose. Every time I hold my camera to compose a shot, the principles of design run through my head. It helps me focus.

3. Try to ignore that extreme sense of jealousy you feel when the people you are photographing are undoubtedly much cooler than you are. Never in my life could I muster the confidence and coolness that surrounds these guys. All of them! Especially the little one. 


Jolene Cody4 Comments